Sunday, 25 May 2014

Looking for New Blogs?

Thanks to Michelle linking to me through this award. Taking a look at her blog might lead you to other crafty blogs you haven't seen before.
There are a few expectations on receiving this award:-

1. List eleven random facts about myself - 
2. Answer eleven questions set by my nominator - I knew there was a catch.
3. Set eleven questions for my nominated bloggers (max eleven) - eek!
4. Warn the nominated bloggers of the impending interrogation - this could be interesting

Michelle's questions are:

1. When was the last time you cried with laughter? 
Friday's Gogglebox

2. What's your favourite takeaway?
Tough one, curry I think
3. When did you last sprint?
Are you kidding?

4. What's the one thing you'd save if the house was on fire (excluding people and pets, they're safe)?
My scrapbooks

5. High heels or flats?

6. What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?
Green cake cooked by son, far too much food colouring and terribly undercooked!

7. What's your favourite luxury treat?

8. If you could have a super power what would it be?
To be able to see without my glasses... 20:20 vision would be a super power for me as I have been terribly short sighted since my early teens.

9. If you won the lottery, not £10 but a BIG win, what's the first thing you'd do?
Laser eyes (see above!) and sort out my teeth. 

10. What animal best reflects your personality?
Cat, lazy :)

11.What's the last meal you cooked from scratch?
Lasagne, cooked today.

11 facts about me:

1.  I have been scrapbooking for 11 years.
2.  I am 5 foot 3" small.
3. I have been married for 24 years.
4. Longevity in the marriage stakes runs in our families, both parents and most of our grandparents celebrated Golden Weddings.
5. My favourite holiday destination is Weymouth in Dorset.
6. I have a degree in applied biology specialising in microbiology and biochemistry.
7. I met my husband at University, he was on the same course as me.
8. I am Roman Catholic and practise most weeks ;)
9. I have been a teacher for 25 years.
10. I sing in the church choir.
11. I don't like to eat fish.

I'll have to think about other bloggers that may want publicity and my questions for them, but in the meantime I have done 1 and 2 on Michelle's list.  Pheww!

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Michelle G said...

Hi Ann, glad to know you a little better (although I feel a bit of a thickie now, you clever girl you). Loving your blog as always. Michelle x