Thursday, 15 May 2014


It is many years since we have been victims of crime (when we burgled in our old house) but Monday changed that.

I was in the middle of teaching a lesson to my class when the phone rang. Now, normally it is the office checking whether an absent child has turned up late, but not on Monday. Kev had called to say that I would need to make my way home that night, as a random, crazy person had taken a scaffolding pole to our car (along with 15 others) in his work car park.

The damage is bad, smashed windscreen, dented bonnet and torn dash, but luckily no-one was about while the guy was running amok, so nobody was injured.

He was arrested and charged a few hours later, but no doubt he will have been released on bail, just hope he doesn't hurt someone next time.  Meanwhile we have a courtesy car from our insurers, and have to wait to see if the employers will cover the excess on our insurance.

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Jimjams said...

EEEK! That's terrible! Hope that you don't have too much inconvenience with it all and get the excess covered too!