Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Day in the Life..

.. of Hannah. All of the papers on this layout were free with The Scrapbook magazine.  I really liked them, so wanted to use as many as I could; stamping and cutting out squares proved to be the answer (stamp by Unity) and then arranging these into a grid pattern.

This is another old photo of Hannah found sitting in a box in the loft, and I thought it deserved to go on a layout.

Looking back at it reminded me that the orange dress was a favourite of hers, and although I found it annoying at the time, it really brings back fond memories of her seeing the dress again.

 I cut out lots of embellishments from the papers to decorate the layout and am really pleased with how it turned out... and all for  almost  free!

 My only addition was the kraft cardstock, and a few shiny Papermania brads I picked up at a bargain price back in February.


Jimjams said...

You are getting some mileage out of that box of old photos! Do you scrap the originals or scan them first?

CoventryAnn said...

I used the originals in the main as I thought they were stuck in a box anyway, and I use archival glues and materials so they would be safer in a scrapbook, rather than the loft.