Thursday, 31 July 2014

50th reunion

A couple of months back a friend I went to school with, but hadn't seen in years, contacted me on Facebook asking me to join a group on the site.

As our school year were all 50 this year Paul wanted to organise a school reunion the 'Walks Get Together' and so, just over a week ago, around 100 of us met up in a club in the centre of Coventry.

People came from far and wide, from the States and Australia; some not so far, Jersey, and my best friend from school who I do keep in touch with travelled from the East Midlands.

Lyndie, Sue and Shirley; not seen Lyndie and Shirley in over 30 years!

Margaret and Paul. 

Paul and Cathy, instrumental in organising the reunion.

Sharing family photos.

 Many of us haven't strayed too far and still live in the Midlands or even Coventry. We had a great night, reminiscing, laughing and sharing a few drinks.  It was lovely to see people I had been good friends with but hadn't seen for over 30 years... just doesn't seem possible.  Some have grandchildren, no-one seemed to have retired yet.

 Maybe by the next reunion!

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