Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Godiva Festival

A few years ago, the council in Coventry decided it would be a good idea to organise a festival in the Memorial Park at the beginning of each July.  In the early days of the festival, it generally attracted younger members of the city, and sadly this led to trouble, especially in the evenings.  Far too many took alcohol onto the site; this led to rowdiness, fighting and no-one with any sense would go to the festival in those days.

Back in 2008, festival goers were banned from bringing alcohol into the park, and although this caused some to to campaign against the ban, trouble at the festival is now really a thing of the past.
Year on year. the Godiva festival has become increasingly popular, with additional entertainment in the day for families, it attracts all generations for miles around to get out and enjoy themselves for a free weekend of fun!
Here are a few photographs I took this weekend at the Godiva, I went on Sunday afternoon with my husband and daughter.

Alpacas for the children

 A Ride with a View

Meeting a gladiator!?

Hello Kitty headwear.

Enjoying the sunshine.

Trying out wood turning the old fashioned way.

Strawberries and Cream

Veggie falafels

Vintage choice

Godiva festival... well worth a day out (if the weather is good!)

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Dawn said...

Love a day out like that. Lots to do and even better in good weather