Monday, 1 September 2014

A Trip to the Capital

Although I was born in London I left when I was around 2 to live in the Midlands. I don't visit so often since my grandparents died, so it was nice too stay for a few days with my brother, who moved to the capital when he was 18.

The public transport in London is absolutely fantastic, I don't think we waited more than 3 minutes for any bus or tube... I can't see why anyone would bother driving there. With Oyster cards in hand and an App on the phone to help us find our way about we visited many places, some I had been to as a child, for others it was my first visit.

The two of us near Parliament Square

Houses of Parliament

Stalls at Borough Market

Geffrye Museum of the Home; Rear gardens.

London; old and new: Victoria Street

Churchill's War Rooms; The Map Room

The Natural History Museum

Commemoration poppies

Outside the Tower of London.

A great end to the summer holiday just before going back to school.


Jimjams said...

I must get down to London to see those poppies soon - an amazing sight!
Good luck with the new term!

Dawn said...

Great photos, looks like you had an amazing time! Do you know how long the poppies are there for?

CoventryAnn said...

They are there until Rememberance Day in November, so plenty of time to see them yet!