Monday, 22 September 2014

Beautiful Wales

I hadn't been to Wales since my early twenties, so it was lovely to go back there as we took Katie this weekend.  I took lots of photos (no surprise there) and am looking forward to another visit in time... although by train I think as the journey is a long one!
Here are a few of the shot I got while we were on the welsh coast...

Aberystwyth castle

Katie queen of the castle...

 The seafront looking south

A ferry to Barmouth

Welcome to Wales...

 The Barmouth rail bridge

An unexpected autumn day at the seaside.

University buildings (or has she gone to Hogwarts?)

Messing about on the pier with Dad!

The pier at sunset.

Last I heard Katie had already dyed her hair; not taken her long to get into the student mindset :)

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Ladkyis said...

Is she "lucky" enough to have one of the seafront apartments? tell her to wait for the first winter storm when the wind and sea combine to throw the beach at the windows