Thursday, 30 October 2014

At last..

...after eight weeks half term arrived last Friday  It's been a really hard term so far with our workload getting more ridiculous by the day.  I do have work to do in the holiday, but am setting a limit on the time I spend on it... I need a break.
This week has been incredibly busy, I have got my driving licence back after 18 months being unable to drive due to illness, so we have spent time (and a lot of money ) sorting out the second car ready for the start of term. Hannah has got a job away from home, so we have also had to spend time helping her sort accommodation.
There were days when school was less of a trial, when I was on the receiving end and a friend posted pictures taken back in around 1977 during a school reunion this  summer.

They made for a good scrapbook page for my book of me, it's always good to find old photos to fill in the gaps of our lives.

I tried to get a bit of scrapbooking done during the week, but cards for Christmas got in the way.

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