Friday, 13 February 2015

Project Life Catch Up.

Although I had my photos together for PL at the end of last year, work after half term was so busy I didn't manage to catch up until the Christmas holidays.  Once I got going, it didn't take long (that's the beauty of PL) and I did manage to get a number of pictures scrapbooked.

In October I watched a lot of Strictly, the garden looked gorgeous as we had a late autumn and all the trees changed colour at the same time, and I had to carve the pumpkin.

November was the month when Hannah left home for her job in Nottingham, we had a day at the NEC christmas craft show, skittles in Nuneaton, shopping in the German market with Pauline and silly hats on Harry.  Not as quiet as October!

The December page is always small as I journal daily in my Christmas journal, but it is useful for any left over pictures that didn't make it into the journal. Christmas decorations in the city centre and dressing up at work made for this month.

The page is 6x8 ( another journal leftover) and I used both sides for the festive season.

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