Sunday, 17 May 2015

All Change

We visited London last summer, and spent a couple of hours in the Natural History Museum.  I couldn't face much longer in there as it was absolutely packed! We did see two of the major exhibits: the dinosaur skeleton in the entrance hall and the blue whale.

After visiting, we heard that there was to be a change in the main hall, which has homed the large dinosaur for decades.

The diplodocus there is only a cast of the real skeleton, and is being retired to possibly tour the UK.  He is to be replaced with a diving blue whale (a real skeleton) suspended from the ceiling.

 The museum wants to send a more up to date message about the natural history of the earth, and focus on environmental issues.  My page is about this change...a good idea I think.
Papers Memorabilia, Teresa Collins.

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Julia Dunnit said...

I agree, the change at the Museum is a good thing, a bit overdue IMO. My favourite section is the geology..all those sparkling rocks and gems, amazing...and always really quiet! Love your LO, the TCollins papers Are a favourite of mine too!