Friday, 29 May 2015

Interrogation Post

Michelle at Scrapthology is setting a series of Interrogation posts with the aim of providing ideas and thoughts to kick start scrapbook pages.

I missed the first challenge, but here are the questions (and my answers) for the second set.

1. What was the last meal you cooked?
Not too interesting I'm afraid, as I am sorting my stash, and did lots of gardening yesterday I went the simple route yesterday: a Sainsbury's  family chicken in white wine pie; new potatoes boiled and served in butter (yum); carrots and brocolli. If it was cooked from scratch, then it would be home made celery soup earlier in the week.

2. What was the last film you watched?
At home I had a 'Hobbit-binge' on Monday and watched all three! At the cinema, I went to see the gorgeous Far from the Madding Crowd with my daughter; highly recommended.

3.  What's your favourite all time present?
Alas I don't have it any more, but when we were engaged my husband bought me a small gold crucifix and chain.  I loved it and wore it until the chain was broken and it was lost a few years ago.

4. You have a free day, where do you go?
Hmmmm, depends on the time of year and the weather.  On a good day any time of year it might be Kenilworth Castle (free as we a members of English Heritage), or in spring Harstshill woods to see the bluebells. On a poor day I find myself heading for local scrapbooking shops (I know, I shouldn't!) and I think the staff in The Range and Daisies know me by name,

5. What was your favourite childhood TV programme?
Not so much childhood, but as a teenager I loved David Attenborough's Life on Earth; I think it inspired me to study science and the career I was to follow.

If you want to join in, why don't you visit Michelle's blog? I think the answers give food for thought for scrapbook layouts, especially for a Book of Me.


sue jones said...

Your tea sounds yummy ! Brill that you are joining in ( especially as I am so nosey ;) )
Have a good week
sue xx

Michelle G said...

Oh gorgeous comfort food, definitely not boring.
I love a movie theme weekend.
So sad you lost your treasure.
Your days out sound great and who doesn't love a nature program.

Thanks for joining in Ann. x

Jennie Hart said...

Yes, these are great inspiration for scrapping :-)

Alizabethy said...

How interesting - I think the staff at The Range know me by name too!