Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Teenager's Tale

Last year, Harry had to sort out his bedroom after failing to clear his lunch box and leaving it festering under the bed (yuck!) I took photos of him wearing a pair of fetching pink rubber gloves so I could scrapbook them.

 I made the page  using Simple Stories 'I Am' papers, bought a small set of these and absolutely love them! Gorgeous stickers with feathers and phrases,

 four alphabets, and plenty of images to cut out.


Virginia said...

A fabulous layout - made me giggle - what is it with teenage boys LOL - I have a 14 year old!

sue jones said...

They are not much better when they are in thier 20's either! I just dont go in there anymore ( cept to open the window - when he is not there!)

Kathryn Hardman aka Katalytic said...

I think it's similar with teenage girls. My two nieces can be messy little critters. Great layout and catching him in fetching pink!