Saturday, 27 June 2015

Project Life Storage

I saw this video on Youtube by Inki Quill about how she organised her Project Life cards, and it inspired me to organise mine.  After my recent de-stash I ran out of time to organise my cards and I think if they are easier to find then I will make more inroads into them. Win-win!

On UKScrappers another crafter recommended a re-purposed tray from Poundland (originally for father's day) to store PL cards, but my local shop had run out when I got there. Disappointment all round.

 Seeking solace I headed to Ikea, and found a couple of 'Tjena' boxes in the sale; reduced as yellow is not everyone's choice of colour.  They do sell other colours too at full price, but I went down the bargain route!

To make the boxes strong enough to hold my cards I used both wet and hot glue to put them together...

...and made use of large amouts of washi tape to secure the edges of the lids and add a little decoration.

I planned to use the smaller of the two boxes for 6x4" cards, but it was a little wide and would waste storage space,

so I made a partition (from a cereal box covered in the wide washi tape) to store a set of 3x2" cards too.

The larger box came with 12 partitions large enough for 3x2" cards... I sorted them mainly by colour, using washi tape on top of each partition so I know which colour is in which space.  There's also a little room for a few die cuts made from the cards.

The smaller box has all my 6x4" cards sorted by colour, and the space at the side holds 3x2" journalling cards.

So now I can find my PL cards I MUST use them on 12x12 pages and pocket pages too! And as the box is still full, no more buying Project Life cards for me :)


sue jones said...

Gotta Love Ikea! I have some of these in black for my embellishments. Yours look gorgeous especially with the washi tape on them.

akilli melek said...

love how you repurposed with washi

akilli melek said...

meant to ask if you had watched out of the pocket series on you tube with Jen Schow. She has good ideas on using PL cards on 12x12

Wendy said...

brilliant storage idea :-)