Friday, 24 July 2015

Garden photos

On such a miserable July day when it has rained from ten until tea time I had a look back through some of the photos I took of the garden earlier in the month, you remember?  When it was really hot and we didn't stop moaning?!

 First of all, we have had an amazing gooseberry harvest this year, not done anything with these yet, they are in the freezer.

This is a little rose that came from my Grandma's garden.  It can be a little temperamental, some years it flowers, others not, but this year it has been worth the wait as the blooms are gorgeous.

So pretty, even the cat likes them!

And finally, the hanging baskets.  Spring was cold and dull, so I didn't feel like planting them, but looking at how they turned out I am so glad I did!

When I look back at a page with these photos on in the dead of winter, they are certain to cheer me up.

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