Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Vintage Milk Bottles

At the end of the summer holidays I went out for afternoon tea with Hannah, and the pub we visited served the milk in the cutest 1/3 pint milk bottle; the ones we used to get our school milk in (until Maggie took it away). I loved them so much that I determined to have a few at home.

 Onto eBay and I picked up 8 vintage bottles for a bargain price. As Kev is very handy I convinced him to make two little made-to-measure crates for my bottles.

I then finished them off using paper straws, drink me stickers (both picked up at Primark would you believe!) and a bit of stamping.

I love them on my kitchen windowsill.


Wendy said...

These are lovely :-)

Virginia said...

Oh they are seriously petty!

Katherine Sutton said...

I remember those...I am not hankering after some too :D