Sunday, 10 January 2016

Festive Bunting.

My brother and sister in law live in France and own a fabric shop in a small town there. They were over here with a stand at the NEC back in  November selling fat quarters.  I had a look and saw a few lovely ones on red, cream and grey that I thought would make cute decorations.

 Lucky for me, Jac passed on some ends of rolls to me for free, so just before Christmas I made  template out of scrap paper and stitched this festive bunting.

They were handy for trying out my new sewing machine, as I played with the different stitches, altering them for each flag.

Simply pinned to the pelmet they added an extra home made touch to the dining room window in December.

I did have some spare to make as a gift too, just with slightly smaller flags.


Virginia said...

Ah that's looks fabulous!

sue jones said...

Thats gorgeous! Great that the scraps were free too :)

jill said...

Something to bring out every year to hang & admire ann