Saturday, 2 April 2016

Loving William Morris

This spring, we spent time decorating our dining room, and I chose a lovely charcoal and gold William Morris paper, along with a new stone rug for the floor (also with a William Morris design.)
The rug was not in stock when I ordered it, and I was warned that I might have to wait until April for it to arrive.

 I loved it so much that I thought that I thought the wait worthwhile, so I was delighted when it arrived on the 24th of March; just in time for Easter. Sadly, on Good Friday as I opened the rug up to complete the room, I discovered a large tear in the underside, so it will have to be replaced. My photo below shows the finished room but with my old rug.

 I hope the replacement doesn't take 6 weeks to come as the original did.

Oddly enough, as I was online on the 24th I discovered (thanks to Google) that it is the anniversary of Morris's birth.

 I wonder if Morris realised that his designs would still be popular 182 years after his birth.


Chidkid said...

Great makeover.. well worth the effort! Hope the replacement comes soon

Virginia said...

Wow that looks amazing, hope the new rug arrives soon!