Saturday, 16 April 2016

Paris mini book; Part 1

I printed off a lot of the photos taken in Paris, mostly in 3x2" size to fit a mini book, but a few others at 6x4" for full scrapbook pages later. I had picked up a Papermania 'All Aboard' travel journal a while back, and it proved perfect to make my book of memories.
As the book is quite long, I will only inflict part one on you today!

Part two in the next post (if you can stand it!)


Wendy said...

That is lovely - we came back from Paris a couple of weeks ago, it's a great place. Looking forward to part deux!!

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

Lovely. I adore the journaling and especially those strips of writing. Jx

Michelle G said...

This looks gorgeous and love that cover design.

Chidkid said... much to read and to look at.

Jane O'Sullivan said...

That's gorgeous, such a great memory to look back on.