Saturday, 20 August 2016

UK Scrappers Summer snaps challenge.

On UK Scrappers this season a challenge has been set to take the following photos and then to scrapbook a few (of course!) I'll be collating mine here as I go along and then hopefully post the final outcome at the end of the summer.
Challenges not yet met are marked in red.

1 vapour trails or clouds on Weymouth Promenade.

2 a horse drawn vehicle, a barge that was originally pulled by a horse.

3 flowers in bloom; wild marguerites blooming in a Portland quarry

4 a summer job in the garden

5 something typifying your holiday destination,
My daughter lying on the beach shaded by her hat.

6 hats
Dad in my sister's hat!

7 ice cream
8 kites or balloons
9 bubbles
10 ducks, swans or seabirds

11 summer sunrise or sunset
Sunset over Portland, the view from our caravan.

12 eating al fresco
Fish and chips from the paper at the Black Country Museum

13 somewhere you would only visit when the sun shines
Weymouth beach

14 flags or bunting
In Greenhill gardens

15 summer shoes
on a typical British summer's day?

16 fruit growing, in the garden, on a tree, or in the hedgerow

17 water
A view of the Fleet

18 umbrellas

19 glasses
Cocktails :)

20 fete, fair or festival

And your A-E Substitutes list

A Play
My nephew putting

B Anything in your favourite colour

C Something that made you smile;
my daughter having afternoon tea.

D friendship
My daughters, window shopping at the Black Country Museum.

E Just girls or Just boys
My sister, daughter and me on the harbour wall.

Just another excuse to take lots of photos!


Chidkid said...

A great selection..looking froward to the big reveal with all of them too.

Virginia said...

Fantastic photos summarising what looks like a great summer!