Sunday, 12 February 2017

Making Wreaths

Two weeks before Christmas last year, I went to a floristry class in Birmingham to learn how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch.

 We started with a copper wreath, wire and moss, and had to make the base for attaching the greenery.

 We then wired each branch of conifers and skimmia, then holly (ouch) and other embellishments (orange slices, dried lily seeds, cinnamon sticks and a gold bow) all individually wired and attached to the ring.  Finally, we used plastic pleated at the back of the wreath to keep the foliage from drying out too much.  It was hard to make, but I was so proud of the outcome!

The paper are mainly Simple Stories along with cut out embellishments.  I used a door (with wreath) to hide the journalling, scored with an added brad for a handle.

title is made partly with Thickers left over from my Christmas journal, and partly brush scripted by me.
Will I make another one next year?  Well, I have kept my wreath moss ring and many of the embellishments, so never say never!

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