Wednesday, 7 June 2017

On the Way to Wales.

We spent some of half term in Aberystwyth visiting Katie, taking Kevin's mum and dad with us.

On the way, we broke the journey by stopping at Powith Castle.

The house was lovely, as were the gardens; it was just a pity the weather was poor, as the incredible view was obscured by low cloud.

Standing in a high position (as many castles are) the gardens were a little behind ours in a more sheltered position, so many of the spring flowers that have 'gone over' closer to home were still in bloom.

The wisteria was looking gorgeous.  I used to have one at the front of my own house, but when we had to repair cracks in the brick and plaster work, the insurance company insisted that the cause was the wisteria (not the incredibly dry winter and spring we had just undergone) and insisted we cut it down.

The gardens were terraced with some ancient clipped yew trees forming the backdrop of permanent planting.

The tree were so old that they formed hollow domes inside, perfect for a den!

We only walked along the first terrace, as the visit was just to be a brief one to break our journey; the roads to Wales are not the fastest!

 In the house, we had fun below stairs as there were a few costumes to try on for photo opportunities.

Hannah would have enjoyed this. :)

Grandma dressed up as a maidservant, pouring tea for John and Kevin! All in all, I would recommend the castle as a great place to visit, and being members of the National Trust, it was free for us to get in.

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