Sunday, 20 August 2017

Holiday Photos

You probably guessed that I have been away for a couple of weeks as blogging has been very thin on the ground.  We headed south to Dorset (as usual) and although the weather was mixed, we did get to spend a few days on the beach.

Although all the kids are now grown up, they still came along with us, along with my sister and her family and my Mum and Dad. They may be adults, but are never too old to make sandcastles!

The summer clouds in the skies did make for lovely pictures of the beach.

Mum and Dad had bought an inflatable canoe, so the lads made full use of it.

...and although the sea looks deep here, it was only about waist height (just shallow enough for me to get near and grab a shot).

My sister's son had a birthday while we were away.

It was a dull day so all twelve of us went ten pin bowling.

My Dad (who is 78) was the winner!

We had fun at the amusements...

...on the bumper cars,

and my favourite, the carousel.

We had two boyfriends along this year, Matthew with Katie, and Hannah and Chris (so grown up now) rented a beautiful flat for themselves with a glorious view over an SSSI salt wetland to the sea. 

On another poor day we headed to Portland with Chis (our friendly geologists!) along to help us.

One of the huge flat slabs at the Bill had slipped down last winter due to it being undermined by the waves, strange to think we had been walking on that for the past 40 years visiting the Isle.

 Hannah and Harry under the lighthouse.

Hannah and Daddy looking out to sea.

Hannah and Chris at Pulpit Rock.

Not all the days were dull, these final photos show the blue skies we are more used to in Weymouth.  The Tudor House;

Katie and I spent a sunny morning in the Nothe Gardens

On the way back to the beach we chose to take the ferry as a shortcut across the harbour.  Now, this ferry sounds a fancy affair, but it is just a pair of rowing boats that cross the water for £1 a head.

On a lovely day, the trip does give a lovely view of the harbour.

 While away I did make a couple of scrapbook pages, so will share them later in the week.

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