Thursday, 26 October 2017

A Few Days Up North Part 1

We booked a last minute trip to the North Yorkshire coast at the weekend, staying in Scarborough and visiting various places on our way there and back.

We stayed at The Grand Hotel, very much faded grandeur, but we enjoyed our stay nonetheless.  We booked one of the better rooms and ended up with two sea views as the room was on the corner of the hotel up on the third floor.  On the seaward side of the hotel we were seven floors up, so our view was incredible!

Not only was it great to see and hear the waves as we slept, but as we faced east, the sunrise on our second day (viewed from our bed) was incredible.  A cup of coffee, relaxing first thing and watching the sun come up over the horizon, what could be more lovely?

On the way up we stopped at two English Heritage properties just outside Doncaster; Conisborough Castle

and Brodsworth Hall, a property which has a roof (unusually for English Heritage!)

We settled in once arriving at the coast and planned the rest of our trip. Next morning we set off for Whitby.

The Abbey was spookily quiet as we were some of the first to arrive, great as it meant I could take some lovely photos of the Abbey in the sun,

some of the details of the building,

and I even got a photo (taken by Harry) of the two of us outside the Abbots house.

We then went down into the town and had an obligatory Whitby photo under the Whale bones.

I loved the steep steps in the town,

 ...leading down to the harbour from its time as a fishing village.

And with the link to the story of Dracula to Whitby, there were lots of signs of Halloween.

Later, we headed back to Scarborough for and ice-cream sundae and to explore the town.  More about this in the next post.

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Virginia said...

Oh you are in my territory at the moment, Conisbrough is one of our must does on a Sunday and Brodsworth is fab throughout the year. Scarborough and Whitby are two of my favourite places. The view from your bedroom window was amazing!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your break.