Thursday, 11 January 2018

Christmas Day!

Apologies for failing to post of late, I have been quite poorly for about over a week now (and have been unable to get an appointment with my GP 😞, so have only just put photos of further pages onto my computer.
It is over three weeks since term ended, and it seems as though Christmas was an age away.

I do plan to make a few 12x12 pages using photos from the 25th, so only one page for Christmas Day in my journal.

I do like this photo of the kids together next to the tree, it seems like a traditional picture  taken each year. The tree is that of my sister's  as we spent Christmas Day at hers house this year.
More Holly Jolly papers die cuts and cut aparts along with an acetate over the top section (I found these when I started the journal this year but have only just got around to using one on a page.

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