Monday, 11 August 2008

Week 3 Reflections

I now felt far more confident in using my camera, manual setting was no longer too scarey, so I decided to take some reflective shots in the harbour at night. I didn't have my tripod (the car was rammed full as we headed south for our holiday, so it got left behind) but I did manage to find walls, bollards etc to rest my camera upon for these very long exposure times.

As the weather was so calm i caught some lovely reflections in the harbour water of the working boats.

First shot is of boats in the harbour, Manual setting, f14, exposure time 2.5 sec, WB auto (not sure what to set this on for sodium street lights, but used PSE to remove the yellow colour cast) ISO 800 so a bit grainy, but you can't have everything

Next shot is also a night time one, taken from a vantage point above the town, lots of reflected light in the water.

Much less light here, so pleased that the shot is not too blurred with the really long exp time, good job there was a wall handy!

Final shot is of my DDs enormous sunglasses on the beach, great reflections here, pleased that big shades are in this year as it made this shot much easier. Love her freckles close up, and the clarity of the reflection.

Manual setting, ISO 100, f5.6, 1/400, WB set to sunny.


Zena said...

Great reflections. Very impressed with the night shots.

Jan said...

These are all lovely shots Anne - I love the reflections of the boats, and in your daughter's shades.

Elaine said...

Beautiful shots and love the night ones - well done you!

CJ said...

From work I've seen so far the first shot is the best of the workshop module - not only really difficult conditions (with tripod) but super reflection too - well done you !!