Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Family shots

I managed to get some pics of OH with the children this weekend as part of CJs course... These are the best of a very mixed bunch!!

I think this one sums up the kids nicely, Harry looking manic, Katie smiling nicely and Hannah totally chilled out on the floor!!

My other faves are ones of Kev with the 2 girls, having a good laugh together!

An update on work, it's at time like this that i remember why i prefer to stay put in one school!!! Until teenagers get to know you and your ways they are truly EVIL!!! So i can see myself on the phone to a lot of parents over the next few weeks, until they realise that i am one of thse teachers who actually will ring home if i say i am going to!!!

Ho hum... only 6 weeks to half term!!


AllisonK said...

Ann, I just have to tell you again how much I love these shots! You have a lovely family!

Anonymous said...

Great shots here Anne! Love them!