Sunday, 21 September 2008

Some bad news and some good news.....

Well, i knew that the schoool i joined was due an visit from OSTED, and the bad news is that it's happening next week.

On the positive side i am not an AST yet, so with a bit of luck they will leave me alone... i am soooo glad i'm no longer a Head of Dept, i really don't need all that stress any more!

To take my mind off this i spent a couple of hours in town with harry taking shots of people i don't know!! This was for the 'candid' photography tasks set by CJ, a bit scarey, but i'm glad i did it. Harry was my cover, with him there i didn't look too much like a wierd stalker as i snapped away. As a bonus i also got some nice shots of him!!

And the good news... more of that later!


Anna said...

Great photos! Harry is the absolute spitting image of Hannah!

Come on Ann - what's the good news????? You can't say that and then not tell!

Anonymous said...

What is the good news??? I need to know!!!!
Love that photo too, wish i could get my boys to have their photo's taken!!! How do you do it???