Saturday, 11 October 2008

Kids... bah humbug!!!!

I have a portfolio of images to complete over the next week as part of CJs portraiture course i've been doing. Sadly my kids are being TOTALLY on co-operative today, and the weather is great for outside shots. Might have to bribe Harry with a trip to the park!! Well here's a couple of shots i got of the boys before they got too bored in the garden. Loving the autumnal colours at the moment!!!

Harry is 10 next week, i really don't know where those 10 years have gone, and looking at the boys is a bitter sweet experience for me. It won't be long now before Harry won't want to spend any time at all with his Mum :(

And here's the LO using these photos for Harry's album. Am pleased with how it turned out, mainly Urban Rhapsody papers (K&Co) and who says you can't use pink on a boys LO!!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Lovely photos Ann, and even a lovelier L/O it's fab, well done.

Maria (bubbles)

Cheryl Johnson said...

what do you mean won't want to spend time with you soon ?? Mine only want me for a lift or money & they are 10 & 9 - lovely colours