Thursday, 8 January 2009

Christmas Journal completed...

Well at last here are the last 2 LOs completed and uploaded. I've been quite unwell over the last few days, but finishing these and uploading them has taken my mind off this. The prompt for the 5th was about geting the house back to normal, and although i always leave taking our tree down until the 6th, this was the subject for this LO. .

I have enjoyed the project, and it's so nice to look back over the last month or so and remember the little things!

The LO for the 6th sums up how i'm feeling at present.... roll on spring!

If you want to have a look at the whole journal in one go take a look at this link.

You can view it as a slide show and leave a comment if you like!

Back to work tomorrow, hopefully i'll blog (and scrap!) again at the weekend.

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Cheryl Johnson said...

well done you - page look fab, I signed up the very first year & managed four pages !!