Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Last day of the holiday....

Was awake at 6.30 am today worrying about work :( so have got my page for my journal completed early. It has helped me to take my mind off tomorrow, i remember reading a snide comment made by a Tory shadow minister before christmas about the number of sick days taken by teachers, if he had any idea of the stress the job causes, maybe he would have a bit more sympathy.

I have finished planning all my upper school lesons for next week, and year 9, so only Yr 7 to do... hopefully i can sleep well tonight!

Will start taking the decorations down today, it's at times like this that i seriously regret having 3 christmas trees!!! But every Dec it's the same, and up they all go again!!

So here's my page, it's about things to remember to make next years clebrations better!

Thanks to Sheena for the inspiration for this LO.

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cannycrafter said...

Have really enjoyed your Christmas journal Anne, you have inspired me to try it next year! A great work of art!! Well done!