Thursday, 19 February 2009

Clearing Stash

I'm ashamed to admit that lots of new stash has arrived at my house this week.... and i am at a loss where to put it all. Yesterday i was sorting through some stuff in the kitchen when i found a bag of bits of paper left over form the last crop i attended, too much to chuck away, but what to do with it? As another crop looms on Sunday, with the prospect of more stuff to bring home i got rid of it in the only way possible, by making some cards.

It's funny, as the papers would probably not have been my first choice, but as they are part of the same set (Basic Grey Ambrosia) they were really easy to make cards with. I managed to make some 'other' style cards which were sadly lacking from my box of home-made cards when i went to fish one out earlier this week. And as cards they will end up eventually leaving the house, making a little more room in the kitchen.

I really do need to make a few more pages this week, to try and justify my purchases, i have these acetate mini books, but no inspiration for them yet...Hannah was going to be the subject of one, but as i made her a whole mini book last year for her 16th, i'm not sure what to do with them. Maybe a look through the photos of her last year will help!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely cards Ann, and what a great way of using up old stash, leaving space for more, lol

maria x

Anonymous said...

fab idea and they look great