Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Vintage page

I made this page using a copy of a photo Kathleen (my MIL) gave me ages ago in response to the SLYMI challenge on UK Scrappers 'scrap an old photo'.

I decided not to go down the usual vintage route, and instead went for the new stack of Green papers i bought at the Hinkley show on Sunday. I seem to be a bit obsessed with bling at the mo too, and have added lots of mini stones (Anitas new ones, fab price!) to the flowers. I also found a lovely stamp with various size buttons on it, these are lovely cut out as embellishments for the pages.The only other thing i need to add is the date, but as Kathleen reads my blog i'm sure i'll get an e-mail about this soon!!

Am going to make some cards today, (shock!) Dad is still in hospital, and i took him my last general type card, so i know i need to make some more for my little box, in case i need them. Never get time to make them at the last minute. At the moment there are no kids in the house, Hannah and Katie have both gone out to friends, and Harry had a sleep over at Maxs last night, a foreshadowing of things to come methinks!

Looking forward to watching the crafty king of grunge on QVC today (Tim Holtz) and maybe getting a bit of inspirations for some of my alcohol inks.

Must get off this computer or i'll get nothing done today at all.

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