Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A better day...

Maxs confirmation went well (even though i did forget the card i had made for him!) and i have had a good day at work today... no year 10s!

More info about the meeting with the Head to follow, just to say i have some thinking to do.

I booked our holiday tonight: Weymouth again, 3 weeks in a van behind my sisters, if we have the amazing weather we had last year, the holiday will be wonderful! In fact i think we had the only decent weeks of the whole summer for weather last year, so here's hoping for more!!


SusieJ said...

Pleased today went well for you Ann (and Max!) - it was always year 9 who were the problem when I was teaching! Please let us know how the meeting went.
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

What a stunning photo Ann! I adore Weymouth, thats something lovely to look forward to!
Sue x

CoventryAnn said...

i wish i could say the photo is mine Sue, alas not :)