Friday, 20 March 2009

A Fraud...?

Well this is how i'm feeling, after seeing the doc today he signed me off for a further 3 weeks, although even the thought of seeing him last night affected my sleep again. I woke with a start as i was dreaming that a spider was running towards me and i couldn't get away. For fellow arachnophobes you can see why i woke in a panic, and couldn't get back to sleep again! (Even looking for this picture has got my skin crawling again...what is it about them that freaks me so much?) After coming out of the surgery i went to see Mum, but the stress of holding it together in the docs got to be too much. Feel OK now a few hours later.

I did have a go at this weeks UKS challenge, using some photos of Ollie recovering from chicken pox. He really loves to have his photo taken, even when he's all spotty. I like doing the challenges as they make me re-think the way i usually scrap, i prob wouldn't have used these colours had it not been for the challenge. Have had a little company this afternoon, Katie has been unwell, she went to bed on getting home from school last night, and didn't get up until noon today.... no, not just normal teen behaviour but a throat infection. I think she might be making mothers day cards a bit later.

Looking forward to the weekend, it does feel a bit lonely here at home on my own, there's only so much selly telly you can watch without going completely mad!


sue-bubbles said...

A wonderful and fun layout Ann...not so impressed with the spider though...aaaaagh - I hate them! Dont feel a fraud Ann, you dont strike me as someone who would take time off willy nilly - chill out, find your mojo again, buy some stash perhaps (lol!) and you will know when its the right time for you to return.
Sparkles & hugs, Sue x

sue-bubbles said...

Oh no...I caught site of that horrid beast again!!!! lol!
Sue x

CoventryAnn said...

I know, it makes my skin crawl just looking at it! i thought i would try this as aversion therapy, but it really isn't working!

Anonymous said...

hello Ann, you are no way a fraud. Enjoy the time off and DONT feel guilty.
that spider is horrible - ewwwww!
Jackie worcs :-)