Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Canal boat trip

Harry left us this morning for 3 days on board a canal boat with the scouts. It's hard to believe but in less than a month Harry will have moved up from the cubs to the scouts... adolescence beckons...:( He seemed unconcerned about being away, as we left it was a struggle to get him to come out of the boat to say goodbye!

A shame the morning was so dull and cold, yesterday was gloriously warm, i even tempted Kev out into the garden to do some digging!! He is slightly in the dog house today, i had been planning (for over a month now) to go to a crop this Sunday, but last night Kev was chatting to his brother on the phone, and a big family get together has been organised for this Sunday too. As the Caldwell family are so spread across the country from Surrey to Northern Ireland, with Southport and the Midlands in between) we rarely get to meet, so no scrapbooking for me this Sunday.


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah..the flexibility of being a scrapping woman!! Still, at least you have a life worth scrapping, huh!

DGgirl said...

Men - they're only good for one thing and even then tney burn the toast!!!