Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Kind Gesture

A colleague from the tutor team i work with came to see me last night,
bringing their best wishes, reassurance and a lovely bouquet.
It was a really kind gesture, and the flowers are lovely. It seems odd this year, as i am not at work i have missed most of the preparations for easter during lent... i feel like i'm in vacuum as far as time is concerned. It is strange that my life is almost signposted by the school year, without it i almost don't know what day it is.

I made a page about Hannahs last date with Shane yesterday. The theme for this weeks SLYMI challenge is hiddden. Well, i don't do hidden journalling (can't be bothered pulling pages out of the page protector) so i hid my message in a different way. I have used this technique before as i enjoy playing with words, and i got to use some really old Rouge de Garance papers i'd forgotten i had.
Have got to go out later to find a costume for a murder mystery meal tonight... i have to be an indian princess :)

Should be some interesting photo opportunities in that.

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