Saturday, 18 April 2009

Time Lord Travels...

As an avowed and long time Sci-Fi geek, when the Dr Who exhibition was reported as coming to town, i knew we would have to visit it! So this was one of my birthday treats yesterday, a trip to the motor Museum, where the Doctor and his companions, both good and not so good, were on show. It was not a cheap hour or so, but if you are into the Gallifrey one, it was worthwhile. All the exhibits you might expext were there, the Tardis, Daleks, Cybermen, K9 along with more modern foes, even from the show only transmitted last week on Easter Sunday. There were lots of things to keep the kids (and me) interested, behind the scenes stuff about make-up, special effects etc, and you could even stand in front of a green screen and see yourself projected onto other worlds!

I have always had a thing about robots (i can't stand them) and i think this comes from seeing the cybermen on Dr Who as a kid. I didn't stand too long next to them, just long enough to get a few snaps! As we were about to leave, i said i wouldn't have minded getting some shots of the kids next to the cybermen.... Hannah returned to the exhibit, and asked the people standing nearby to stand to one side as i was a photographer from the local paper, and wanted to get a few images there. I wondered why everyone was so helpful in moving away... she didn't tell me until about her white lie until after we left. Cheeky girl!

I got some interesting shots, lots of good ones of the girls, and some were even taken of me and Kev. Harry however was a different matter. i think he's getting to the age where he refuses to appear on film... he was either looking the wrong way, sticking his tongue out or only stood still for a second or too!

I can see some of these pics making it onto scrapbook pages soon!!!


SusieJ said...

Wow! Lucky you Ann! Sounds like a fab day out - can't wait to see the LO's! As for Harry - this stage lasts for a good few years I'm afraid! DS still refuses to be snapped by me - esp. if he thinks a LO will result from it!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann

What a clever girl Hannah is..just like her mum!

I took Jack to the Dr Who exhibition in London last year before it moved on. As you say a good but not cheap afternoon out.

One of Jack's friend's dad does special effects in TV and the movies and has done some the SFX on Dr Who. He even has a Dalek in his workshop!!The boys can sometimes actually play with!


a little bit of me........ said...

sounds like u had a great time, looking forward to seeing the lo's

sue-bubbles said...

Pleased to hear that you had a fun filled day...time for some stash buying now - birthday law, dont forget!!!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh ann, looks a great birthday treat, lovely photos too, cannot wait to see your L/O

maria x