Monday, 25 May 2009

Cupboard Love...

As I surfed on the web this morning by lovely husband made me a special piece of toast, with lots of butter, lemon curd (yum) and a message! My first response was to take a photo of it, then i ate it!

I posted this question on the DoCrafts site this morning, does scrapbooking make you totally crazy... would i have photographed my food a few year ago??? I'm certain that without the advent of digi photography I wouldn't have. So what is the maddest thing you have ever recorded on film or in pixels?

And as summer is now probably over (although it was nice while it lasted!) i will be scrapbooking again today. I have some great shots of the kids in the paddling pool yesterday:)

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Julia Dunnit said...

I agree, without the luxury of digi, there are a billion thngs I wouldn't have photo'd. The miost recent mad thing is the stuck out tongue with 3 piercings belonging to a friend of DD. Grim sight for me, I must say!!