Monday, 4 May 2009

Designer LOs

Well i didn't really know what to call these pages, but after yesterdays amazing Exhall crop with the very talented Michelle Jackson Mogford (mjm) we produced these incredible Los with the WRMK Nonsense appers. I have to admit that as i already had the papers, and had made a few LOs with them , i was in 2 minds whether to go or not, but I'm SO glad i did. The birdhouse page is totally inspirational, and it really suited a page about DD1, i already had the title in mind to go with this photo, so a birdy theme was just perfect. Some of us did complain about possible industrial injuries (scrappers scissor syndrome) with the amount of cutting we had to do, but it was completely worth it.
It was hard work to get both LOs done, even for me who's quite a speedy scrapper, i had to knuckle down and not chat too much, and i still managed to add my trademark bit of journalling... the page's not done without a bit of my scrawl upon it!.
The second page included some interesting tearing and distressing techniques that i hadn't thought of before, perfect for double sided papers. With this one i pretty much stuck to the plan of the LO, except as my photo was bigger i left a few bits off. Again am really pleased that the LO was so right for this photo, Harrys Hawaiian shorts seem to mirror all the flowers on the page.

I had a great day, and can't wait until the next class :)


Julia Dunnit said...

They're utterly gorgeous. How fab when it turns out that you're glad you went; doubles the pleasure, huh!

a little bit of me........ said...

Lovely Lo's Ann, they are absolutly stunning im sure you were happy you went.

looking forward to seeing more

Indigo Blue said...

I am not a scrapbooker, but I think these are lovely!!!
Hi from a fellow Teachers, Design and Technology. Textiles mainly but I have taught nearly all of the subjects in this subject.
Best wishes