Tuesday, 19 May 2009

One step forward, 2 steps back.

I felt really good over the weekend, i had managed to secure a job interview, despite my illness this year. I was reluctant to apply for the job, as i thought if i didn't get anywhere with it, i would start to feel low again. Sadly i didn't get the job, and again i found myself feeling like a total failure last night. I can't believe that this time last year i was applying for, and being interviewed for SMT posts. I worry that my confidence has been knocked so much this year that my career is now well and truly on the scrap-heap.

Did some crafting today to take my mind off things, which helped a bit. Can't post these, as they are surprise items for later this month.

My Aunt Anita (Seems strange calling her this, we only ever use her first name!) is 50 this Thursday, there is very little age difference between me and her. I remember in the 70s when i was still a kid she always seemed cool, very keen on Glam rock (The Sweet were a big fave!)

I've sent her a card with a very small reminder of her age upon it... not sure how i'll feel when i hit 50! Maybe relieved as will be that much closer to retirement :)


Julia Dunnit said...

That's a really nice card, a lovely subtle way of acknowledging the importance without making it a huge number! I'm so sorry you're feeling so low; i could type an essay, but that would be frightful. Take shed loads of craft therapy and remind yourself of the woman who writes your blog -she's a together, multi faceted and multi skilled woman for sure. The right job just hasn't found you yet.

SusieJ said...

Love the card Ann.
Please don't feel low.
Sending sparkles and hugs.
Sue xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Ann

Love the card. Please don;t be hard on yourself. Everything happens (or doesn't) for a reason. Keep up the good work. Need my regular fix of your work - always inspirational.


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up Ann. Someone somewhere is going to realize just what an asset you are and snap you up just when you don't expect it.

I love Anita's card. I wasn't that subtle!!


Sue C said...

I'm sorry Ann. Surprisingly I am inspired this week by Hannah Montana's (Myley Cyrus) song, The Climb. It's on my blog - listen to it xxxx