Wednesday, 1 July 2009

How hot...?

Blimey, it's been a while since we saw temperatures like this! It's currently 29oC here (about 84oF for any non scientists) and it s really too hot to be outside. I don't know if it's because we have had 2 poor summers, but was surprised when i looked up the temp, it feels so much warmer.... maybe it's because we are not used to it.

Tooth update.. dentist tried again yesterday (God bless him) used a stronger cement, dug about in my gums to ensure a firmer fix (aaaargh :o), and we tried again. So far, so good.... if my computer table were wood, I'd be stroking it with vigour.

Now for another page. This the second of the Tracie Hudson Sassafrass LOs. Seems very appropriate for this hot and sticky day as the photo is of my two youngest in the paddler earlier this year. Now the page didn't exactly match the class LO, as is my wont, i added a lot of journalling to the first page,only to find that i needed half the journalling spot for the second page. As i seem to take half the kitchen sink with me to a crop, after a delve in my bag, i found a stamp to replace the journalling spot, and got to replacing it. Unfortunately being a very messy crafter, i got ink on the corner of my cardstock, so the stripes in the bottom right hand corner are my own addition to cover up this mess! I quite like them actually!

We also made this little denim flower by cutting a circle from the fabric, adding a running stitch to the edge, pulling this tight, and a little flower is made... a perfect background for another embellishment. Most of the rest of the page is made from stickers, so i also made this do for my SLYMI page for this week.

Weather update for the weekend... tipping it down. Bl***y typical :)


Kim Dellow said...

Argghhhh - sorry, I could not read about the dentist without screamming! Hope it is ok.

Wonderful LO love the bright colours. Kim

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh yeah, dentally stuff made me 'clench' a bit too! Am touching wood for you. We recorded a balmy 34 degress this afternoon. I gave up on the weeding and jsut pottered about, thinking about future projects instead. Hope the forecast is wrong, I really do.

SusieJ said...

What a lovely sunny LO Ann - perfect for today!
Sue xx

jayne said...

love this you know we have a great summer theme competition over at it has to be a project especially made for fiskarettes, you can also share work, get inspired and enter challenges too !

Kerry said...

Stunning, bright sunny layout it is very eye catching