Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Come Dine With Me

This week we have been playing Come Dine With Me at home (based on the Channel 4 programme) an idea shamelessly pinched from Michelle who runs the Nuneaton crop... she tried this with her family at the start of the school holidays.! I broached playing the game with the family last week, to cook a 2 course meal for the rest of the family (Harry is helping Kev and I prepare a third course, so he gets to cook 2 courses with a bit of advice on hand) and we vote on the food provided. The lovely thing is how keen the kids have been to take part, i even cleaned the dining room in honour of the occasion!!!

Todays chef was Katie, she made us spaghetti with sweet cherry tomatoes, marjoram and olive oil, and a home made white chocolate baked cheesecake with raspberry coulis for pudding!!!!!!!!

Yum, yum! Needless to say the camera was out (Kev said 'there was a time when just just ate your food, not took it's picture first!') and a scrapbook page is being planned!

Some more holiday photos here; first a couple from Cerne Abbas, a lovely one of Kev, and one of the giant himself.

And finally some fun photos of the family playing rounders on the beach, including Grandad!

Hannahs turn to cook tomorrow, so that's veggie food for us all! Glad she's not a vegan!


SusieJ said...

Brilliant idea Ann and that meal sounds yummy!
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor, Katy's menu seems very professional. Bet it was great. Fab idea. And totally great that Hanah will be sharing her food styles too. Yum.

SusieJ said...

Ann - I have returned the favour - there is an award for you on my blog.
Sue xx