Thursday, 27 August 2009

Not much time today...

... as it's my turn to cook!

Hannah's meal was a total triumph yesterday, she made various houmous dips with crusty bread and tortilla chips to start (these were so good that even Harry has now decided he will eat houmous, the lime and coriander one was fabulous) and the very clever girl even decided to include some mini chicken kebabs to keep the carnivores happy!

Main course was a gorgeous ratatouille, with lentil fritters. I think Hannah could be the one to beat!!

I'm doing comfort food, bruschetta with roasted vegetables to start, and beef and ale pie or fennel and roasted baby tomato pie for the main course. Harry is doing the pudding, chocolate fondue!

I made the fatal error of going to Unitys blog link, and as a final splurge before being poor bought myself a couple of half price stamp sets in the sale. I have had my eye on the eco chic ones for a while, with Hannah interest in all things environmental i am sure i can put them to good use.


SusieJ said...

Please can I come to dinner? Those meals sound fabulous!
Off to check out Unity stamps before I too begin belt tightening - Nicholas is off to UWE in Bristol next month and I've just had to pay the first term's accommodation (student loan not through yet) - ouch!
Sue xx

Kim said...

I think I might come to dinner too, sounds delicious


Julia Dunnit said...

Yeha, if you hear knocking - it's me at the door, and hungry! What a great idea the cooking has been, kudos to Hannah! Man I love houmus.