Thursday, 20 August 2009

Still no ink... no scrapping of holiday photos yet. But i have got around to ordering some cartridges today, so i hope i can print some off by the weekend.

Hannah picked up her AS exam results today, 4 Cs and 1 B grade. She seems really happy with these, as are we, not sure we can afford our usual trip out to celebrate at Pizza Hut, which is annoying her.

So, as i have no pics of scrapping projects to share here are the first of my holiday photos, taken right at the end of the holiday.

Firstly are some taken on the beach...

A shot of Max and Harry, Harry not co-operating as usual! This was to be a re-shoot of the photo here, to show how much the boys had grown.... not the success I had hoped for!

Next is a photo of all the grandkids on the beach, as requested by Grandma!

And finally for the beach shots one of Kev and Colin... Kev sporting the beard he grew over the 3 weeks. He still has it, i don't think it will last long into term though!

The next shots were taken on the journey home, visiting 2 English Heritage sites.

Firstly Old Wardour Castle, lots to see here, and fab views from high up on the Ramparts. Unusually for an EH place it was not too ruined, lots of stairs to climb and rooms to still see.

And now Stonehenge, a shot of Harry looking fairly normal for a change, and a silhouetted view of the site, I like how this one captures the timeless quality of the place (and hides the millions of people who were there!)


SusieJ said...

Great photos Ann - love the "moody" one of Stonehenge - def. worth a LO. Nice for Grandma to see all the grandchildren together. Harry is sooo typical a boy! Got to love him!
Sue xx
p.s. congrats to Hannah on AS results.

Julia Dunnit said...

Great news for Hannah! Love your holiday shots..happy days.