Friday, 16 October 2009

A Disappointing outcome...

I didn't get either of the jobs i was interviewed for this week. The feedback from the interviews varied, for the first post it was clear that my sick leave earlier this year was the problem, as many of the comments they made about my experience and the interview were not true, the only comment they made that explained why i had not progressed to the next round that made any sense was that they thought i might not cope with the post (have they ever tried teaching bottom set Year 10 on a Friday afternoon... anyone that can cope with that can cope with anything!) I found myself wondering why they even bothered interviewing me!
Today's interview was much better, although i didn't get the job (due to my lack of experience teaching in a primary school) the Head was so positive about my performance at interview that it does give me hope that i will get a job, and that maybe Primary is the way forward for me. I think I need to try and get some Primary school experience now, so Supply teaching seems to be beckoning me.. after Half term.

I do feel very disappointed, more for the kids than me, as they are finding the drop in income very hard to cope with... especially Hannah. She has had no more luck getting a job than i have, and is finding it tough as her friends all seem to have so much money.

Well I'm off to trawl the Internet to see if i can find any info about supply agencies for after half term.


SusieJ said...

Oh Ann - I'm so sorry that you didn't get either job. It's their loss - at least you've had some interview experience and good feedback from the second (ignore the first - they'd have been lucky to have you with all your experience).
Fingers crossed for Hannah too - the job situation for youngsters is bad here too.
Sue xx

Crafting to stay sane! said...

Sorry to hear this Ann, as Susie said it's their loss!
I'm sure you will find that perfect job somewhere it just takes time!
Sparkles for both you and Hannah!
Alyson x

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm sorry too - might it cheer you a bit to discover that your name was pulled out of the hat over at my blog?!! Probably give you an ironic laugh!

Kim said...

Hi Ann

I'm sorry to hear that, something will come up soon. Keep your chin up.