Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Birthday Harry.

My little boy is 11 today, and i think this time next year he might be taller than me (his feet are already bigger!) He spent today playing with his new toys (Grandma and Grandad bought him a Army mission kit, including camo face paint, so when they arrived at midday to see him they got a real shock as he had completely covered his face in green and brown paint!), and at a Scout Internet jamboree this afternoon.

The folk group we sing with at church is having a 25 year party tonight, we have been in it 20 years, so all of us are going, and taking Harry's birthday cake with us.

His cards are getting more tricky to make as he gets older, I used a Unity stamp and gromlets for this one, but i have to say that i prefer Katie's, ready for her birthday next Wednesday.

Cropping tomorrow, so i hope i get some pages done, have done very little lately.

Finally Debbie, who owns my local B&M craft shop Stampeezee has left me an award on her blog, along with a touch of luck in my job hunt. Debbie introduced me to Unity stamps, i went to a fab demo at the shop today which finally got me in the mood for making some Christmas cards. Luckily i won't have to make as many as usual, as I was pulled out of the hat to receive some cards from fellow blogger Julia. Iwould take a look at her blog, as she always has something interesting to say.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Painted Face.
He's growing up fast....Mgt.