Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Cakes

Kevin is the master baker in our house, he takes after his Mum, and makes the most beautiful cakes (often for work... much to the disgust of the rest of his family!!)
So Christmas cakes are his preserve, usually made in the Autumn, carefully fed, and then iced the week before Christmas.

I decided to make a page about his cakes for my journal, using a photo of last years cake as this years won't be finished until next week. I used a copy of the recipe and printed it onto the cardstock for the background (me and hybrid scrapping, what is the world coming to!) and any British readers will understand the of the title and the source of the recipe. Going to make Mum and Dads card today, i had a look at all the ones i have made them over the past few years, as Mum keeps them and puts them up every year... I think that could be the subject for another page... just need to take my camera over to Mums!


Auntie Margaret said...

Have just been sorting through my Christmas cards some of which I save & found all the ones you have sent to us Ann

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely page - like the idea of the recipe being printed on the page - hybrid, very good! Good for Kev too, a bit of creative therapy is good for any soul. I love the three Kings.

tamara davis said...

what a great idea for a page! And even better that your hubby does the baking...wish mine could do the baking for me!

SusieJ said...

Great page Ann! I too use Delia's recipe. In fact her Christmas book is my "bible" - esp. love 11:30 on Christmas day when she tells you to put your feet up and have some champagne!lol
Sue xx

Cindy said...

Beautiful pages here and on JYC . I have really been enjoying viewing them. This is my first time so I was not as prepared as you were. Right now I'm happy to just journal each day. Next year.
Thanks for posting them.