Friday, 11 December 2009

Girls night out...

....had a great time last night with the ladies of the family, sadly Mum was quite unwell, so Hannah took her place. i think she was glad to do so, as my sister ended up dancing on stage at the end of the evening with the Motown revival band, and she really did shake her tail feather. i thought Hannah was going to faint, she laughed so much!!.
I have decorated the dining room today after wrapping ALL the presents (phew) and got the next 2 pages of my JYC done. Light is too bad now to take a photo, so will upload these tomorrow. up to date now :)
I think i need one of these now :D

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SusieJ said...

Sounds like a fabulous night out Ann! Sorry your Mum wasn't well but nice for Hannah to see us "oldies" know how to have a good time!lol
Sue xx