Sunday, 6 December 2009

Jingle Bells

The JYC prompt today was about recording a memory (2 really) about Christmas, one good, the other not so good. I found this really hard last year, i don't know whether i only seem to recall the good times, but the words 'unhappy' and 'Christmas' really don't go together for me. So I've stuck to just a happy memory i recall from our first Christmas in this house. I remember coming to view the house in November, and imagining what Christmas would be like in our new house, but it took us until March to move in, so i had to wait until the next year to find out!
This story reminds me of the sweet times we had at Christmas when the children were very small, and although we still enjoy the festive season, it is not the same now they are older.

I went bit mad with some jingly bells i had in my stash (from Paperchase) and have hung these from the bottom of the page using ribbon and brads, as they go well with the story. Not sure how well the journal will stand up though!


SusieJ said...

Love those bells Ann!
I feel the same about Christmas - still enjoy it but some of the magic and sparkle seems to disappear as children get older.
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

A lovely page for your journal Ann, and I adore the bells!
Sue x

Ann said...

I'm loving your journal pages, and especially like the jingle bells today! You're right about Christmas being more fun with little ones around. This year will be the first without our eldest daughter here so it will seem strange.

Julia Dunnit said...

Nice - and you'll find a way to MAKE IT stand..the bells are very necessary!
I posted to you last Thursday, so arrival is in the hands of the PO was 1st class so really...hope you'll get it soon!