Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Jobs to do, and a workdesk post

Saw Julias blog today, and was reminded to play along again with WOYWW. The photo today was taken from a different angle to last weeks, and shows the dual nature of my workdesk (come kitchen table) as OH was just serving up homemade soup for lunch as i took these. No idea why DS has his hat on, even we are not so poor we can't afford the heating on in this cold weather :), no, i think it's the fact that we bought it yesterday, and he likes it so much he even insisted on putting it on before we left the shop!
So, what can you see?
My Journal on top of 2 boxes of stash (like last week) but that journal is getting thicker by the day!!! Will I be able to close it by twelfth night?
RUB of finished cards, with lovely jewel cardstock on top, in use for the journal.
A box of tool, alas without my piercing tool, which has rolled off somewhere. I'm hoping that tidying the craft space tomorrow (has to be done sadly, as we will need all of the kitchen table for the next few days) will reveal it's whereabouts.
And finally the tablecloth has been changes for a festive one.

So that's the workdesk, what about the lists? Yesterdays prompt was about the things still to do before Christmas. I found this one of the most useful prompts last year, as i stamped my lists using a journalling stamp (I have a few !), one for the next 3 days. They get stuck to the fridge, until all jobs are ticked off, then i just put them into the folder i've stitched onto my page. It's very daunting to write the lists, but pleasing to tick things off as we go, and as the kids have got older, it has become much more of a family affair, getting the house ready for Christmas.

And the "set fire" on the last list doesn't involve anything sinister, just arranging wood, paper, coal and firelighers in the grate in the lounge, so we can light the fire with ease!!!!

Must go, things to do!!!!


SusieJ said...

Great hat Harry!
Pleased I'm not the only one with lists of things still to do!
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Yup, to do lists here too, as you say tho' with family help it's not so bad! Your kitchen table looks to me like a warm cosy and perfect place to craft. Also really nice to see the Journal as a whole - you can get a better feel for the full size - it's great..gonna be a fattie!

LadyBug said...

I'm totally with your son ont he hat thing. I ordered a specail hat just for me last month and wear it every chance I get. love a nice wooly hat :) your JYC is looking great and I'm having the smae worries about being able to close it by the time I finish on new years day.

SueH said...

I could just do with a nice bowl of warming soup right now…….in fact I’m sure I can smell it wafting for here!

Your journal looks as thought it’s coming on a treat especially with all those lovely Jewel colours.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

SarahLP said...

Your journal is looking fabulous.. and a lot fatter than mine! My DH banned me from scrapping today as I have so many jobs to do.. bah humbug!!
Have a great Christmas xxx

Ann said...

Wonderful to see your journal 'full size' as it helps to imaging the whole thing. It's goning to be difficult to close I think! But it's gorgeous.
Great idea to stick lists where you can't help but see them and then put them in your journal once done. Must try that myself next year (along with the journal).